Ok so I have a confession to make…I restarted blogging for something fun to do.

I used to blog a lot about 3-4 years ago. I suppose I started it for fun initially. Until it did not become fun anymore. It was so easy to get caught up in social media. There was a lot of pressure to get followers, gain readers, and be up on the latest and greatest. There is still a lot of pressure, and even more so with EVERYONE and their mom trying to be an “influencer.” But now that I am a little older (only 3-4 years older), that “pressure” just does not get to me anymore (I am also not trying to be an “influencer” anyway. Yuck I hate that word). This is something that I find fun and as an outlet from everyday life. Not sure about yall but sometimes life can really kick me down. And when I am down, I get really down. Like “glass is always half empty” kind of down. Almost like “well its not like it can get any better, so just live with it and move on.” That is just a really negative way of thinking and I really need to kick that. One way for me to do that is to get back to doing things I actually enjoy.

I am actually super embarrassed to upload this. But THIS is the type of image I was trying to portray. It just was not me and it got super old, super fast.

This brings me to confession number 2. I HATE DIY. I HATE DIY. I HATE DIY. Have I mentioned I HATE DIY. I say this because I have been documenting my home renovations on instagram and that has been what my instagram has been mainly focused on (that and maybe a few other things here and there). But to be honest I really do not like doing it. I only started doing it because lets be real, home renovations are EXPENSIVE. I had NO CHOICE but to DIY everything. I only started documenting it for friends/family, but I have noticed it started to morph into something else and I really do not want that. I told Deven a few weeks ago “I am so burned out from this house.” I went through a low period a few weeks ago where I was just NOT happy at all. It got to a point where I was trying to repair my stairs and for the life of me could not get a nail screwed in the way it needed to go and I broke down crying. I was so frustrated and thought “it doesn’t need to be this hard. I am DONE.” This house has caused ALOT of BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS to me. To be honest it just is NOT worth it to me anymore. The majority of the big things are done. I have a few last minute little projects to wrap up, but otherwise that is it. If something does come up that needs to be done, I will try to hire it out before I attempt to DIY it.

Trying to fix some drywall. I learned a lot of things. Gained a lot of knowledge. if I ever want to pick up a major project, I am not scared to do so. However this just is not something that is for me at the end of the day.

Call it a hobby or even a waste of time. Honestly though, I do not really care. This is something I find fun to do. I am a type A person, so to have something “creative” that I can do actually makes me happy. You’re going to see a LOT of random pictures too!

Also I am a perfectionist. But life is NOT perfect, but it can be dreamy. Hence the name “My dreamy life.” It was gorgeous outside the other day and I thought “This is so dreamy.” It was not perfect, but dreamy. So why not name this blog “my dreamy life.”

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