So this is a random Sunday post that I started but never really finished (oops). There is something about a sunny Sunday with morning coffee that just makes me happy. Especially during the fall. I cannot believe it is August already! Time is flying by and baby boy will be here in just a little under 3 months. I feel soooo unprepared. We haven’t even started on his room yet. But that is ok. Sooooo many new moms tell me newborns do not even sleep in their rooms right away. I am just excited to meet him and bring him home to our little family.

Anyhoo I have been obsessed with everything fall and halloween. I have already started scoping out halloween and fall decor. I reallyyy want to get some pumpkins to dress up our front porch. Everything is just sooooo expensive. You cannot just buy one pumpkin (that would look odd), you have to buy an assortment and that can start to add up. In the meantime, I am going to be on the hunt for cheap, cheap holiday decor. OAN I cannot wait to make some holiday COOKIES (which I may end up doing sometime this week lol).

This is the type of fall vibe I am feeling right now. Bright oranges and yellows. Plus I LOVE THAT black and white striped rug. It can be used for fall and halloween!

Also I have been LIVING for these fall styles. I just need the weather to cool waaayyyyy down! OAN just in case: links to these pictures to shop are here, here, and here.

Last picture is not really a fall style just a random snap as I try to figure out what shoes to wear 🙂

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