Quality over Quantity

Shop this image here. Seriously these leggings are THE best. They are made of a thicker material and are high waisted. I LOVE vans. They are seriously so comfy and you can find them super cheap. I HATE cheap makeup. All it does is cake on your face. I need something that is going to blend into my skin and look flawless all day.

Soooo this absolutely screams comfort for me. Shop here. But these are the pottery barn robes and slippers. Yes they are EXPENSIVE, but oh sooo worth it. feels absolutely luxurious.
Shop make up items here. Like I said, I HATE cheap makeup. I usually use higher end stuff and use it VERY sparingly. I probably go through foundations once every 6-12 months. This Milani foundation I linked is OK. If I need something quick and only for a few hours out, I will use it. Its a good price for a product I would give a 6/10.
Shop here. Soft materials and nudes for the fall are my go to!

My current saying “the third trimester is no joke.” I get more and more uncomfortable everyday. I have really started to appreciate being comfortable. With that said I found myself being OK with paying just a tad bit more for quality items. I cannot stand cheap junk that just gets destroyed after a few uses. If you hunt hard enough you can find good quality items for a good price. I listed some of my go to items that honestly do not cost an arm and a leg. Hopefully this third trimester goes smoothly!

Lastly Elemis is having a 20% off sale right now. They can be pretty pricey so I ONLY buy stuff when it is on sale. Literally EVERYTHING in this picture is sooo good. The cleansing balm is literally my favorite. It all fees sooo luxurious. Shop here and to find out the code for 20% off.

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