Fall Sale

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One of my favorite retailers is having a sale at 30% off!!!! Good Night Macaroon is having a sale and I could not be more excited. They also have so many designer dupes that I would LOVE to get my hands on. Here are just a few examples.

Shop these bags

Gucci Dupe Chevron Cross body

Brown Chanel Dupe

Chanel Chevron dupe

LV Checkered Dupe

Chanel Canvas dupe: I may or may not use this one as another diaper bag 🙂

Update: I have just a LITTLE downtime today. I took the week off from work as a “staycation” to relax, but to also get some stuff done around the house (NO its not DIY). Mostly just cleaning and getting the baby’s room ready. Deven is currently painting it. we finally got a toilet installed in our master bathroom (I know really exciting). Still kind of annoyed with how it turned out. The flange was super high off the ground and since it is an older home it was made out of cast iron. Long story short it would have been a NIGHTMARE trying to get it to be flush with the floor. So we had to get creative and shim it. The plumber said he was confident it won’t fail. Either way I am just soooo annoyed with all the modifications we have had to make because of how rough of shape this house was in AND because it is just SOOOOO dang old.

Also today we are getting our basement windows installed. I know that sounds pricey right… well actually it’s NOT that bad. I ended up going with glass block windows (not my first choice but for the price point I couldn’t beat it). I went through a local company here that a co-worker referred me to actually. Long story short, we have had some pretty bad rain fall this year. One night it rained so bad water was just HOSING in through my basement through the WINDOWS. I was sooo annoyed and said “these windows have GOT TO GO.” We don’t have anything in the basement that got damaged but still, I don’t want a bunch of water in my basement every time it rains really hard.

So for 10 Windows with 3 vents the price came in at under $800!! yes under $800! Now don’t get me wrong is that $800 I want to spend right now. NO!! absolutely NOT. But it will be worth it. After year of doing DIY renovations and POURING MONEY into this OLD freaking house, I def did not want to replace those windows. BUT with the rain this year it was a must. Plus not to mention Deven has been talking about re-doing the basement (nothing crazy, just painting the ceiling and the wood paneling that is already down there). There is already a bar down there that needs some plumbing work but we will get to that in due time. In the meantime I am just excited to have some new windows!

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