Self Care

I have tried everything in this photo and let me tell you. All are a game changer. I stopped caring for my skin when I started DIY, however now that I am done with that I picked up my skin care routine. All within a few days my skin has gotten so much better. Shop products here.

This mask here by Blue Tansy is a nice mask that you can FEEL working. It makes my skin really soft when I wash it off.

This mask by The Ordinary here has BHA and AHA which is good for resurfacing the skin and turning dead skin over. Same thing with the Paulas Choice Exfoliant.

I am OBSESSED with the Tatcha moisturizers. They are perfect for my combination skin. Then if I need something for when my skin is really dry I will use something more creamy like my mom’s Esetee Lauder moisturizer, or this one here.

Lastly I LOVE anything that smells good, so I linked this lotion from Tiffany’s above. Don’t get me wrong all of this stuff can end up being pricey but I usually try to mix in some drug store products like this, this and this. It helps make my high end stuff last WAY longer (like almost up to six months). Plus I use free samples anytime I can get them.

Ok so I inserted this picture above as self care because I have LIVED in this sweater. It is so soft and big. I could sleep in it. I sized up because it is not maternity, but I still plan on wearing it even after baby boy is born. Also I did a review in my LTK store front on how the revlon hair dryer brush worked for my curly hair, so be sure to follow me in the LTK app to see that. Shop this image here.

Lastly, I posted this picture above because this is my skin in the AM after washing it. NO makeup. NO filter. I have already started to notice a difference in my skin. Not to mention these fleece leggings are sooooo good. So soft and stretchy! This has been my GO-TO outfit during these last few weeks of pregnancy. Shop leggings here. Shop skin care here. Black wrap here. Slipper similar here

Well this should be obvious shouldnt it? Everyone should take care of themselves right? Well I have a confession…I am really bad at that. As some of you may know we bought a house a little over a year ago and it was a TOTAL fixer upper. I don’t think we realized just how large of a project it was until we got in here and started knocking things down. The entire house smelled of smoke. There was wallpaper infused with smoke. Cat pee under the carpet when we pulled it up. Water damage. Bug infestation. Just HORRIBLE. So it took me about a year to completely gut the place and fix it back up. We still have a few more projects left to do, but all the big stuff is done. I posted alot about it here.

With all that said, I spent the last year fixing up this house and completely neglected myself and everything I liked doing. Needless to say, I DO NOT want to do that again. They say there is a lesson in everything. I think the lesson I learned was that DIY/home renovations are not for me and that I should not get so consumed into something that I neglect everything else.

Ok so not to be so long winded, but I decided to do a SERIES on what I do for “self care.” This post just highlights the basics for me which is skin care. There is just something about having super smooth skin that makes me feel so much better. When my skin is dirty (or has drywall dust all over it), I just do not feel my best. Then after a solid skin care routine I LOVE to get into something soft and cozy. Slowly we are getting back to a normal life (it’s not perfect, but it is dreamy:).

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