Warm Cozy Neutrals For Fall

sweater here | I prefer to wear it with these leggings here | grey undershirt here

OH MY GOSH you guys. I have a new favorite. This sweater from Nordstrom is soo good. At first when I tried it on, I was like ehh “it’s alright.” but the longer I have it and can layer it, the more I fall in love with it even more. I saw a lot of big influencers wear this so I wanted to try it out. It does not zip up but rather has a button on the top. I did a short video review here.

I sized up for layering purposes, otherwise the sleeves would have been too tight. It is warm and its really good for traveling. Also, use my link to buy this. whatever you do, DO NOT go into Nordstrom to buy this. It will be $80. As much as I love this, I would not spend $80 on this. If you are anything like me, then I think long and hard about what I spend my hard earned money on. This is a great piece, but not for $80!

ON another note, I just got the iPhone 13 and am in LOVE. I previously had the iphone 8 and it did the job. I ran very well and I never ran out of space. BUT the camera upgrade was much needed. I am hoping to really kick my pictures and blogging into high gear. I also wanted a really nice camera for when baby boy gets here, so I can just take a TON of photos of him. we are 35 weeks today 🙂

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