New Faves + Blogmas update

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Shop this post here
Shop this post here
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Shop this post here. Best leggings ever
One random night when he would not go to sleep!!

Hello December y’all. Currently trying to hold baby Noah and calm him down while writing this post. I’ve linked a few of my favorite LTK posts. There are some seriously good deals going on as well. I post them almost daily on my LYK storefront so as always follow me there for daily updates. I don’t really post to Instagram as much because I’m always on LTK now.

The Holidays are officially here. I’ve started doing some Christmas shopping using my gift guides. All are linked in my LTK Storefront so be sure to check it out there’s some good stuff there. Thanksgiving we spent at my parents which was amazing. Next up is Christmas which we will be spending with family and getting matching Christmas pajamas.

Happy holidays

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