Currently Loving and Life Updates

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So it’s May! Noah is officially 7 months old. Time flies! It seems like time just keeps going faster and faster. The entire world around us seems to be changing faster than ever. Working full time with an infant is such a huge adjustment. On top of that life seems to want to throw everything at you at once. I’m not going to lie. I have had my ups and downs through all of this. Nevertheless here I am. Back nearly 6 months from my last post.

I have been loving TikTok lately. When it first started getting popular at the beginning of the pandemic I was like “ehh.” But now I’m using it more than Instagram. It has so many viral finds (especially from Amazon) that I had to start posting about some of my favorites.

Not to mention I’ve totally become in love with QVC and HSN. Some of the deals on QVC lately have been phenomenal! I found the BeautyBio glow pro for $100 cheaper! Totally worth it. I’ve been pretty obsessed with skincare lately. This new mom life has me pretty sleep deprived and my skin is suffering because of it!

Lastly I have been trying soooo hard to get these last 10 pounds of baby weight off. With that said I’ve had to get a few new pieces of clothes that actually fit a little better. I’m so glad I did. It makes all the difference being more comfortable in clothes that actually fit you. Check out my LTK storefront here because I post a lot of what I’ve been wearing there!



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