Current Beauty Faves

This dry shampoo is great if you workout. This eyeliner stays on all day. It is heavier but that’s because it stays on really well. I like the mineral makeup here, here, and here. Again all lightweight products to prevent that cakey feeling on my face. I like this primer to protect my skin and this primer to hide pores. Hair products linked here and here.

So I made the leap and took my hair down and cut it. I probably cut quite a few inches off. I did it all at home. I cut/ dyed my hair and tinted my eyebrows. It’s not perfect but I needed to cover my greys and give my face a little lift.

My skin and my hair go from oily to dry very easily so I guess you can say I have combination skin. It’s trying to figure out how my skin and hair want to behave for the day that’s tricky.

I need light weight products that are also good for soaking up oil. Also, no matter how hard I try. I just can’t stand wearing makeup. It always feels so heavy on my skin and it just cakes there. I’ve tried every single blending technique under the sun as well as everything from lightweight foundation to cc cream. It’s just not for me. So rather than trying to cake my face with heavy makeup I’ve decided to try something different and new and skip the foundation all together. I’m just sticking to mineral makeup (primer, blush, contour, and eye makeup). If I have something uneven or something I need to cover up, then I will do so accordingly. I actually have pretty decent skin and I feel I can get away with “less is more.”

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