Neutrals for the New Year

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So here we are to the new year. I’ve already broken one of my resolutions and that was to stay more consistent with blogging. I can’t believe it’s been a month since I posted. Time has a way of getting ahead of me. We have been preparing for this new baby slowly but surely. I found out I was pretty anemic this time around so now that I’m taking some iron supplements I’m hoping some of my energy will come back.

With that said, I have been obsessed with all things neutral lately. I’m loving the minimal neutral look of home decor, baby items, clothing etc. I wish I could redecorate my entire house. But I’m still happy with small statement pieces. Maybe once I’m not as sleep deprived and hormonal from back to back pregnancies I will get back to my home renovating days. Until then I’m just trying to enjoy these new born and toddler years because they go by fast!



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