Favorite Baby Items + Baby Wagon.

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Ok so I am officially 39 weeks pregnant with my second child. I thought for sure he would be here by now. But while we are waiting it gives us more time to prepare. I’ve been loving the more neutral looks from amazon and Target lately. Plus the waffle feel is so soft and warm (which is great since it’s freezing here in Michigan).

I think I am most excited about the stroller wagon. We talked for months about double stroller options. At the end of the day I am opting for a wagon. My 1 year old hates sitting in his stroller. He either wants to walk/run around or be free in some way. The stroller wagon gives him the freedom to have toys and snacks with him. It is VERY pricey. I spent months trying to save here and there to save up for it. But I am so happy we were blessed to purchase it. it’s HUGE and we usually have to drive my husbands truck to lug it around. It also weighs 55 pounds. But seeing that I plan to get back in the gym ASAP I look forward to the challenge. Note I can get it in my little car but only after I take the wheels off. Still worth it tho. I really like how much space and storage we have as a family of 4 now!

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