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So I’m sure a lot of you may have noticed that my outfits have been very basic lately. Well we are officially a family of 4 now and I am officially a mom of two under 2! It has been BUSY to say the least.

I suffered from some pretty bad postpartum depression. To the point where I didn’t feel like I loved my newborn the same way. It got really dark there for a second. I can totally relate to those new moms who spend hours crying for no reason. I found myself just sitting on my couch staring at the wall because I was so depressed. I still have my moments, but things are getting better.

I must say motherhood in general has been an adjustment. You go from living free and Independent to having a little tag a long all the time. In my case I have two little tag a longs. At first I missed my freedom. I just wanted them to go down for naps, or I would count down the hours until bedtime. But now I’m in a place where I wouldn’t want life any different. These two little shadows of mine bring me so much joy. They say where there’s shadows, it means there is also sunshine. I think to myself “what else would you be doing right now.”

Yes kids are hard work. And actually RAISING them is hard work. But in seeing them grow I see a little bit of myself in them and I want them to be the best versions possible.

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